Meeting with the Georgian National Tourism Administration

12 Mar 2024

The Investors Council continues supporting the development of Georgia’s tourism potential in collaboration with the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA). On 12th of March, the representatives of the GNTA delivered presentation to the members of the IC to brief them on the latest developments in the tourism sector and the upcoming plans for promoting further Georgia to attract more international visitors from diverse backgrounds.

Ms. Maia Omiadze, Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration spoke about the trends in the tourism sector, future plans and lessons learned.  The discussion also addressed such issues as the current legislation on tourism and the gaps that need to be addressed to ensure safety and quality for visitors.

The members actively contributed their views and plans aimed at further enhancing Georgia’s tourism sector. Mr. Giorgi Cherkezishvili, Head of the Investors Council Secretariat expressed full readiness and commitment of the Investors Council to support Georgian National Tourism Administration’s future endeavors.