Discussion of Georgia’s FDI Strategy 2024-2028

15 Sep 2023

On September 15, 2023 the Investors Council’s members held a meeting with the team of experts from “FDI Center” and the representatives from “Enterprise Georgia”, to discuss the ongoing work on Georgia’s FDI Strategy 2024-2028.

During the meeting, the experts provided a detailed overview of the project’s progress and future prospects. To ensure the strategy’s effectiveness, the Investors Council’s members exchanged ideas about various aspects and shared their recommendations. 

The importance of updating Georgia’s FDI Strategy was discussed during the 18th Meeting of the Investors Council, held on October 19, 2022. 

International Finance Corporation (IFC) in cooperation with Enterprise Georgia financed the project and hired “FDI Center”, a German consulting company.  The experts from “FDI Center” started working on development of the new FDI Strategy in August 2023. Within the scope of the project, they will evaluate the implementation of the previous strategy, as well as create a new FDI strategy and a comprehensive action plan.  The project will be completed in February 2024.