Investors Council Publishes A Statement On Recommendation Granting Candidate Status By The EC

17 Nov 2023

Investors Council releases a statement on a positive recommendation granting candidate status by the European Commission. The organization notes that this decision reflects the aspiration of the Georgian population towards a European future. At the same time, the organization emphasizes that the country is ready to implement the necessary changes in the direction of rapprochement and membership with the EU, which is reflected in the reforms that the country implemented after signing the association agreement in 2014.

"On November 8, 2023 the EU Commission recommended granting EU candidate status to Georgia. The European Council will take the decision on granting the status in December 2023.

This is a milestone achievement for Georgia. We are hugely grateful to the Commission for making this recommendation. It reflects the reform efforts that have been undertaken over many years. But we also recognize, it reflects the continued faith of the EU in the people of Georgia, as well as the unity of the EU in the face of Russian aggression. We are extremely grateful to the people of the EU for their continued support and perseverance.

Georgia’s European aspirations have been unequivocal, not only over the 30 years since the restoration of its independence, but for centuries. The Georgian population has repeatedly demonstrated their strong desire to become part of the European family, a desire driven by shared European values, a shared history, and common aspirations for the future.

For Georgia, EU candidate status will mark the continuation of a strong collaboration with the European Union. Much work lies ahead and we stand ready to embrace any changes still needed to ensure full EU membership. Georgia has been a front-runner in the implementation of the Association Agreement since it was signed in 2014. These reforms have not only brought us closer to the EU, but also driven the development of the country. As we approach the 10-year anniversary of that achievement, it is our sincere hope that EU candidate status will be the next step.

The Investors Council of Georgia, as well as the thousands of businesses and international institutions it represents, expresses its full readiness to support Georgia to fulfill the requirements of full EU-membership. We are certain that to accomplish this process, Georgia will once again demonstrate a strong commitment to its path towards the European Union," the letter reads.


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